Since V 2.1 Guncraft includes tutorials that explains the basics of the game to new players. It is recommended that you play the tutorials before playing online to learn the mechanics of the game. There are currently 10 tutorials available.


Tutorials Menu

-Basics Tutorial: Edit

Explains how the mechanics of the game works.

-Vehicle Tutorial: Edit

Shows you the different types of vehicles and how to use them.

-Deathmatch Tutorial: Edit

Explains how deathmatch works.

-Capture the Flag Tutorial: Edit

Shows new players how to capture a flag and how to defend your base.

-Lava Survival Tutorial: Edit

Learns new players how freezing a player works as well as how to escape the lava.

-Meteor Survival Tutorial: Edit

Explains to the player how to survive the falling meteors and how to use the wisp after you died.

-Spleef Tutorial: Edit

Learns the new players how the gametype "Spleef" works.

-Paranoia Tutorial: Edit

Teaches you how being a queen works and how to avoid the infected.

-Race Tutorial: Edit

Explains the racing gametype to new players.

-Siege Mode Tutorial: Edit

Shows players how to build segments in Siege Mode

The tutorials can be found after clicking "tutorials" on the main menu.